Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bend Oregon Passive Solar Homes

BEND OREGON PASSIVE SOLAR HOMES will become more and more popular as heating costs continue to rise.  There are many things to consider when building or buying a passive solar home.

Orientation to the sun, type of construction, solar mass, heating system, windows, style, heat recovery ventilation systems and landscaping are a few factors to consider.

My wife and I have lived in our passive solar home for less than a year as of this post but it is proving to be extremely efficient and very comfortable.  We installed a Trombe wall which is a large amount of solar mass inside the home sitting behind a windows that have high solar gain.

The temperature between the wall and the window reached 94 degrees this past December and the inside temperature reached 76 when we decided to open a few windows.  It's really nice to have fresh air coming into your home in the dead of winter!

For more information on our passive solar home click on the link in the first sentence.  Feel free to contact me with any questions about solar homes or Bend Oregon real estate in general.

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